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About Us



Our Mission

​We serve financial advisors who is a leading professional paraplanning firm dedicated to empowering financial planners. Our mission is to help financial professionals reclaim their time and achieve their goals, whether that's growing their firms, nurturing client relationships, or enjoying more family moments. We do this by providing efficient, streamlined, and scalable paraplanning support, enabling our clients to thrive.

At Guided Planning Solutions, we are proud to provide efficient, high-quality paraplanning solutions, working closely with our clients to understand their unique needs and deliver customized solutions that exceed expectations. We empower financial planners by helping them optimize workflows, enhance client service, and achieve success. Our commitment to provide tailored, reliable, and transparent solutions that guide our partners toward their unique intended destinations is what sets us apart from the rest. With integrity, expertise, and personalized collaboration, we navigate the path to prosperity, one plan at a time.










Efficient workflow solutions


Core competencies for success

Continuous Learning

What Sets Us Apart

At GPS, we pride ourselves on flexibility and a personalized approach. We understand that every financial planner has unique needs, and a one-size-fits-all solution simply doesn't cut it. Here's what you can expect when you choose to work with us


Founding Story

Guided Planning Solutions was founded by Jeff Rumfield, CFP® in 2023. During his search for a team to join as a support advisor, he had a revelation: he could truly maximize his impact by starting a paraplanning firm. This firm would partner with financial planners around the country who want to grow their business but find themselves bogged down with preparations for client meetings, leaving them with insufficient time and energy to actively engage in the marketplace and find more families and individuals to help.

While embarking on the journey to build GPS, Jeff called upon mentors and other professionals in the industry that he knew and trusted for guidance. One of those calls was to one of his previous employers, close friends, and one of the brightest financial planners he knew, Angela Robinson, CFP®. Upon hearing about his vision and the business he intended to build, she believed in the vision so much that she decided to join the firm and became a minority owner in the business.

Your GPS Journey

Guided Planning Solutions (GPS) isn't just a paraplanning firm; we're your dedicated partner on the journey to financial planning success. Founded by Jeff Rumfield, CFP®, in 2023, GPS was born out of the vision to provide comprehensive paraplanning support that goes beyond the ordinary. We are here to empower financial planners and guide them toward growth and efficiency.

Our 5-Step Process

Seamless Data Sharing

Empower us by seamlessly sharing client data, allowing us to work our magic.

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Crafting Initial Plans

We infuse insights and strategic recommendations into the initial plans.

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Collaborative Tailoring

Work closely with our experts to tailor plans to your client's unique goals.

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1 - 3 Days

2 Days


Work closely with our experts to tailor plans to your client's unique goals.

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Polished Deliverables

Work closely with our experts to tailor plans to your client's unique goals.

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2 Days

1 Days

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Ready to Transform Your Practice?

Take the first step toward growth and efficiency. Book a time on our calendar and discover the GPS difference.

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